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Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown

Spine & Wellness Center of Smithtown

740 Veterans Memorial Hwy. Suite 202 | Hauppauge, NY 11788

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  • Disc Herniation Treatment
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*We do not accept Medicaid*

Chiropractic treatment is not covered by Medicaid
*We unfortunately do not offer Acupuncture in our clinic.*

Dr. Forman is the clinic director of a holistic health & sports center serving Western Suffolk, which is dedicated to excellence in holistic healthcare. Dr. Forman is complemented by Harold St. Aubin, licensed massage therapist as well as Dr. Paul Bernstein, podiatrist, specializing in problems of the foot and ankle.

The Holistic Approach
The holistic approach to healthcare is understood to mean that good health is based on the interdependence and proper functioning of all your body systems. The proper functioning is based on the integration of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems as they are supported by nutrition, exercise, rest, and attitude. This results in a multidimensional /interdisciplinary approach with the understanding that there may be many different causes to a particular problem requiring the skills of a variety of health professionals.

Our expertise in the treatment of the spine as well as the upper extremity (shoulder/elbow/wrist/hand) and the lower extremity (hip/knee/ankle/foot) enables us to treat a diversity of problems. The relationship of a problem in the lower extremity to the low back or a problem in the upper extremity to the neck has been well documented. The knowledge of these relationships has allowed us to treat such problems as the twisted ankles of joggers or racquetball players, carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow, as well as the traditional problems such as low back pain, headaches, arthritis and scoliosis. This knowledge coupled with good "old fashioned" caring has allowed Dr. Forman to create a truly special place for healing.