Ultimate Accessibility Resource Guide

Accessibility is essential for a more active lifestyle for those with all types of disabilities. There are policies and laws in place to assist and protect the right of accessibility. These policies apply to education, housing, business and to employment opportunities.  Equal opportunity may only be achieved when individuals are aware of accessibility and accommodations available for them.


  • Southwest Conference on Disability: The Albuquerque, New Mexico Convention is centered on what unites people rather what makes people different.
  • Pacific Rim: The Hawaiian based conference as been acknowledged as the most diverse convention.
  • The Arc: The largest organization for people with disabilities hosts a disability policy seminar in Washington D.C.
  • Tennessee Disability Mega Conference: A two-day conference with workshops, educational sessions, products and services for the disabled.
  • Cognitive Disability: The Stony Brook Conference focuses on the ethics behind theoretical and practical matters for those with cognitive disorders.
  • Learning Disability Conference: An international conference focusing on research, workshops, public policy, assessment, and speeches on learning disabilities.
  • Disabilities Awareness Conference: The State University of New Jersey host a conference to promote understanding and awareness.
  • World Congress on Disabilities: An international conference in Dallas Texas that is devoted to improving the quality of life for the disabled and their families.
  • TASH: A three-day conference in Denver Colorado is focused creating equality and opportunity for those with disabilities.
  • Technology & Person with Disabilities: The International Conference on Computers Helping with Special needs focuses on assistive technology.

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