NonSurgical Treatments for Your Back

Non-Surgical Treatments for Your Back

A back pain can be very disconcerting. Most of the time, a back pain alleviates without the help of any surgical procedures. There is a wide range of non-surgical treatments for back pain that are safe and extremely effective, and these include physical therapy, physical exercise and yoga, alternative medicine, medication, spinal injections, and chiropractic. All these options are considered better alternatives to surgery, since the amount of risk involved in non-surgical methods is far less than the surgical ones. Still, it is recommended that patients consult a physician before trying out any of these non-surgical treatments for their back.

Yoga is a proven method for relieving lower back pain. It promotes strength of the muscles and improves the overall flexibility of the body. Another benefit of yoga is that it lessens the dependence on drug medications. Physical exercise is another form of physical therapy. It targets the back, and it can relieve back pain to a great extent. It is essential to have a physical therapist or yoga instructor to provide guidance; otherwise, the back pain may worsen.

Back pain can be reduced with the help of medicines as well. Today, there are several medicines that can provide fast relief for back pains. Some of these are prescribed, while others are available over the counter. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), COX-2 inhibitors, acetaminophen, and opioids are a few of the medicines that can help alleviate back pain.

Spinal injections are another method to relieve back pain. Besides lessening back pain, these injections can also help doctors determine the exact cause of the back pain. There are a few types of spinal injections, and two of the common ones are facet joint injections, which can reduce back pain caused by facet joints, and epidural steroid injections, which are delivered in the epidural region.

Chiropractic is another type of treatment that is becoming very popular these days. It is usually applied around the spinal cord and the nerves surrounding that region. Chiropractic practitioners believe that most of the pain and ailments are caused by a misalignment of the spinal cord. There are some very effective chiropractic techniques to relieve the pressure on the vertebra and restore the mobility of the muscles and joints in the lower back.

Some other physical therapies include heat and cold therapy, for reducing muscle spasm and inflammation; ultrasound; spinal traction, for mobilizing the spine with a slight force; transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which is an electrical current to relieve lower back pain; and aquatic therapy, a form of treatment that takes place in swimming pools, common bathtubs, water spas, whirlpools, and Roman tubs.

Heath professionals also believe that taking bed rest for a couple of days is a wrong way to deal with back pain. Instead of taking a bed rest, those who are suffering from back pain should just follow the normal routine, as this will help to keep the back well-conditioned.