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West Side Comprehensive Chiropractic

330 W 58th St # 407 | New York, NY 10019

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Our full service chiropractic office utilizes diversified chiropractic adjustments as well as gentle light force adjusting. We focus on strengthening programs, postural correction, ergonomics and flexibility. Utilizing various physical modalities, we specialize in treating a variety of conditions from chronic back and neck pain to sports injuries and rehabilitation following an accident or injury. We provide information to improve the overall quality of your life. Dr. Michael watins graduated from the university of maryland and obtained his chiropractic degree from the prestigious new york chiropractic college.

About the doctor:

* dr. Watins specializes in stress-related problems such as headaches, neck pain and lower back pain.
* he has worked with many fortune 500 companies in the new york city area, administering the highest quality of chiropractic care.
* he has treated performers, athletes and ceo's of some of the world's largest companies